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Folio from the Black Hours, Morgan MS 493, c. 1460 to 1475. None.More.Black
Psalter of Bonne de Luxembourg
Nuns at rest in Dingle, County Kerry

Irish editor mainly interested in the history of potatoes.

How i feel about aging and loosing any grip on an ever fading dim and distant 1990s heyday:

[Poorly] translated from the Irish:

I am The Hag of Beara,
I used to wear ever-new gowns

The maidens rejoice
when May-day comes to them
For me sorrow is overwhelming,
I am wretched; an old hag

Amen! Woe is me!
Every acorn has to drop
after feasting by shining candles,
I am in the gloom of prayer

I had my day with kings
Drinking mead and wine;
Today I drink whey-water
among shriveled old hags

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