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Partisan tugs of war are better played outside Wikipedia

I started editing Wikipedia in 2006 because Wikipedia articles on some of my favorite subjects came up so high on search engines and many of them were atrocious. I am a long-time (1972 & 1979-2007) anti-nuclear-peace-libertarian-decentralist-green-feminist-drug legalization volunteer activist. (Note: Point of View does not equal Conflict of Interest). But I finally got burnt out with activism and fed up with the sexism of some male activists.

So in 2007, at age 59, I started editing Wikipedia seriously. Within a couple years I had developed the "Wikipedia first" view that abusing core policies to push POVs is just plain tacky. And POVs certainly are not an excuse to trash Biographies of living people. Dealing with such trashing has consumed at least 30% of my Wikipedia time.
During 2014 I found myself more and more concerned about, and working on, harassment and civility issues. Editors and supporters inside and outside Wikipedia should keep trying to make Wikipedia a more collaborative effort for everyone: older people, shy people, civil people, people of color, academics, professionals and even assertive women like me! It's embarrassing to be part of an effort where some editors combine in battlefield alliances to drive off others so they can keep putting crappy material into the encyclopedia and/or removing accurate, well-sourced information from it.
To end, study your Wikipedia:Five pillars and don't be afraid to be bold in using Wikipedia:Dispute resolution. And keep your temper and your testosterone under control. If I can (usually) keep my temper, you can, too!

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Raising human consciousness, one edit and article at a time.
So many articles, so little time!

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I have created 10 article and one of these days when I've rechecked them for AfD survivability, and thus feel safer to list them, I will.

Articles I have worked on substantially or made significant small edits to:
Though who knows what condition they are in now since I've stopped watching most of them!

Al-Manara Square - American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - Apparatchik - Arab lobby in the United States - Community Reinvestment Act - Down-low (sexual slang) - Gilad Atzmon - Justine Cassell - Children in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict - Alexander Chizhevsky - Col. James Barrett Farm - Committee to Form a Libertarian Party - Consequentialist libertarianism - Controversies within libertarianism - Council for the National Interest - Death of Caylee Anthony - Decentralization - Richard A. Falk - Charles W. Freeman, Jr. - Foreign Agents Registration Act - Gender apartheid - Hannibal Directive - Spencer Heath - Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project - Individualist feminism - International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers - International Solidarity Movement - Israel and nuclear weapons - Israel Lobby in the United Kingdom - Jewish Lobby - Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 - Judicial Watch - Sonia Johnson - Lois Mailou Jones - Leopold Kohr - Adam Kokesh - Libertarian Alliance - Libertarianism - Libertarian conservatism - Libertarian perspectives on revolution - Libertarian Party (USA) - Natural-rights libertarianism - Norwegian rocket incident - Spencer MacCallum - Russell Means - John Mearsheimer - Middlebury Institute - Mondoweiss - Gael Murphy - Thomas Naylor - Opposition in the United States to the Israeli occupation - Dmitry Orlov - Pacifism as Pathology: Notes on an American Pseudopraxis - Panarchy - Panarchism - James Petras - John Papworth - Private defense agency - Providing material support for terrorism - Propertarianism - Rape during the liberation of France - Representative money - Revolutionary wave - Right-Libertarianism - RT (TV network) - Right-libertarianism - Kirkpatrick Sale - Samson Option - The Samson Option (book) - Self-determination - Secession - Secession in the United States - Second Vermont Republic - Separatist feminism - Separation barrier - Separatism - Israel Shahak - Cindy Sheehan - Street fighting - Subprime crisis impact timeline - Supremacism - Texas v. White - Timeline of Casey Anthony case - Jenny Tonge - The Tyranny of Structurelessness - Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 - Waco: The Rules of Engagement - Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - Kevin Zeese - Plus various Wikiprojects, a bunch of policy pages and discussions, and a bunch of mostly biographies in a certain topic area I'm verboten to mention til maybe May 2015.

And millions of new editors worldwide!
It's wrong to bomb refugees in ghettos and camps. (Destroyed Warsaw Ghetto, 1945)
It's wrong to bomb refugees in ghettos and camps. (Destroyed Warsaw Ghetto, 1945)
It's wrong to bomb and kill refugees in ghettos and camps. (Destroyed Warsaw Ghetto, 1945)