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I have been a Contributor to Wikipedia for a long time now and feel as though I have earned the respect of my fellow editors through my helpful nature and ability to work with others without getting into all kinds of edit wars. I feel a peaceful, yet bold approach is always best to accomplish the goal at hand. I have been accused a few times of being the subject of various articles simply because I defend them so passionately. I defend them because I know the history and don't need a cub wanna be reporter or investigator telling me what's right or wrong. As an historian I lived most of it and witnessed the rest of it. But I can assure you that I personally have no articles of myself on Wikipedia.

I set my efforts towards patrolling for vandalism in articles. I cannot understand why people want to harm other peoples work, yet, they do it all the time and it sure keeps those of us who revert these actions busy. But I have no tolerance for this and will do whatever I can to help control it!

I am an entertainment historian who works in the field of movies, television and music of all genres. I am an adviser and historian of record for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington,DC. I retired from serving on review panels for prestigious schools such as Cambridge and the Juilliard. If you have an entertainment question, drop me a line.

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Things I Find Myself Involved In[edit]

  • I am a user of WP:Rollback and use it on a regular basis.
  • I do like to create articles and you will find me somewhere usually in the Christian Music Project
  • I do chime in on RfA's and AfD's. You might find me over in the RfB as well. That's a tough crowd over there!
  • I get a lot of editors who contact me wanting information on entertainment history. So I try my best to help out in those areas.
  • I patrol a lot of the "Old Hollywood" legends and try to polish up on their biographies. I am a stickler for creating sub pages for articles that are just way too long and have no flow to them.
  • I just finished WP:Administrator coaching with a great teacher, Bibliomaniac15. He is a busy one and is very selective about who he takes on as a student, but I highly believe in what he has to offer! I feel very fortunate that he took me on.
  • I will chime in on edit disputes as a third party, but I simply refuse to get into an edit war. They are just not productive and people get hurt.
  • Recently I have found myself over in the pornography section trying to clean some of that stuff up. No, I am not a pervert, I was asked by an admin if I would help to clean some of the problem articles up. I didn't know it would involve every article over there! You would not even believe what some of those people have on their websites and the things they offer for sale! They should be ashamed. I don't think their mamas know what they are doing!
  • I recently went through a peer review and here is what they had to say about little ole me.[1]
  • Here are my contribution numbers! [2]