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    There are strange things done, when there is no sun, by meteorologists.
    They use their PCs, while their fingers freeze, making Wikipedia lists.
    In the Northern night, where the snow lies white, as they huddle 'round their 'scopes,
    As their lips turn blue, that hardy crew, often speaks of their childhood hopes,
    Not to monitor storms, in some place warm, like Bermuda or the Carribee,
    But to freeze one's butt, up in Nunavut, just like old Sam McGee.

    On editing Wikipedia:

    Answerable to everyone; responsible to all; publicity dissected brain cells splattered on the walls of encyclopedic knowledge. May be barbaric but it's fun.

    A t-shirt showing the names of the streets in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. All street names are in Inuinnaqtun and the shirt shows the English translations.

    Discovered humour[edit]


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    CambridgeBayWeather after enjoying the 2.5 km (1.6 mi) walk to work at 2:00 am when the temperature was −30 °C (−22 °F)

    One of the things I enjoy about Wikipedia is learning something new. So rather than just write about myself, you will have to follow the links.

    I'm first name last name and my website can be found here with a lot of my pictures.

    I was born on the same day that Concepción, Chile suffered an earthquake in the same year that Cortina d'Ampezzo held the Winter Olympics. The town was still in this county though today it is part of this city.

    The first place I remember living was in this county just down the street from the station and very close to a minor landmark. We would ride to the station here where my father worked.

    After a few years we moved but only stayed for a year. Next we moved to here, which is very close to a more famous place. There were several things of interest in the area such as this and this. Of course this imaginary line was here but at the time I did not know that it would rule my working life.

    Later we moved and lived there for a few years. While there I met this author and these two bass players. Both of them lived in the area, the first here and the second on this island. Another island close by was noted for its gardens created by Sir James.

    In the same year that this was discovered I emigrated, having been offered a job. I was first posted to Taloyoak and after a year was transferred to Holman. I got married, had two kids and after 20 years we moved and I've lived here ever since.

    For most of the past 30 years I have worked as an observer and that's where the reference above fits.

    For those of you interested in such things I made my first edit and have worked on these ever since. I have also added a few articles here and like to spend time here. In October 2005 I became an Administrator.

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    "In remembering Franamax, I smile. He will be missed." Jimbo Wales

    In mourning his death we remember his life, celebrating his legacy and our good fortune to have shared the honour of his association. RIP (condolences)


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