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Chemical structure of DMT

I am particularly interested in pharmacology, biochemistry, chemistry, and psychoactive drugs. I have also been working towards a good coverage of simple chemical topics.

I have been drawing many chemical structures (like that to the right). Please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Structure drawing for the guidelines and detailed instructions for drawing chemical structures, diagrams, and reaction schemes and uploading them to the Wikimedia Commons as high resolution black/white .PNG images with transparent background.

wikEd — a Mediawiki in-browser editor[edit]

Screenshot of wikEd in action

I am actively developing wikEd, a full-featured in-browser text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to Wikipedia and other MediaWiki edit pages (currently only for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). wikEd is a complete rich-text pseudo-WYSIWYG editor and comes with many MediaWiki-specific features. Check also the wikEd help page for a description of all functions and buttons.

JavaScript diff[edit]

For the wikEd software above I have written a JavaScript diff algorithm that has been optimized for the comparison of Wikipedia source texts. The output highlights additions (dark green) and deletions (dark red) in the new text. Additionally, moved text blocks and their original positions are highlighted and color-coded. A more detailed description can be found under User:Cacycle/diff and the JavaScript code can be found under User:Cacycle/diff.js. The code is browser-independent and is extensively commented and the used CSS and HTML elements are fully customizable.

User statistics[edit]

From Interiot's "wannabe kate" edit counter:

  • Date: Jan 12, 2008
  • Total edits: 12887
  • Article edits: 7349
  • First edit: 23:19, 4 July 2004

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