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I Used to be Indecisive---Now I'm Not So Sure

It's Tough to Make Predictions. Especially about the Future

In these strange Trumpian times we live in, the evil things that some people do will register more vividly in our social landscape than the great mass of dull, every day, good things that most people do. The peril isn't that We The People lose our knowledge or perspective of the world. It's that we lose all sense of proportion

Silence is Consent

Two weeks ago a building was torn down next to the neighborhood post office. I've probably seen that building at least a thousand times in my life but I'm already starting to forget what it looked like and what it was used for. I still wonder what User:AlastairHaines would say....--Buster7 (talk) 00:01, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

Please note:Buster7 is powered by Artificial Intelligence AKA AI, so surprises and mistakes are not only possible but should be expected

Who is Buster7[edit]

I am a continually learning member of the Wikipedia experience. I have lived in America for 72 years. I was taught by BVM nuns and Franciscan priests. I have been finding my way around the many nooks and crannies of Wikipedia for almost 14 years now. One of many interests has always been articles about the Flemish language. "Ik spreek nan oud Vlaamse taal. Assek da schrijf is het azo. Oaad au goed, eh, vriend!". I also monitor articles relating to the region of my birth (which was once known as the Low Countries). Promoting and prolonging whatever it is that Wikipedia tries to be has become important. Maybe it is the concept of something living into eternity or maybe it is just trying to write a good, clear, concise sentence. Whatever it is, I'm still having fun! I promise to listen to the voice that speaks to greatness in myself and in others. I have been facilitating the Editor of the Week program for over 10 years. I am a Baháʼí. I believe it is possible for human behavior to improve and develop and grow, especially in arenas where we are required to interact with each other. Making a positive, non-political contribution to the planet is essential to Bahai practices and a bedrock of my Faith. I strive to be the best editor I can be. I am not a perfect editor. I have learned from past mistakes and, more than likely, I will make more down the line and learn from them. Early on, I became weary of the drama. When polarized, ultra-critical edits are thrown back and forth and minuscule differences are given the third degree, articles and talk pages end up being an alternating collection of challenges that rarely praise and mostly criticize the topic and the editors involved. My constant hope is that the environment of Wikipedia will become calmer and more balanced, and that collaboration will become the focus of all editors, now and to come. While some of the more troublesome arenas are political, the focus is not. The focus should always be OUR READER, or stated more distinctly, OUR VISITOR. Quite simply, I want to be left alone (not bothered) by vindictive editors, to enjoy the pleasure of WikiLife at some non-toxic level of article/essay enjoy the unspoken bond that can exist between editors. No emotional see-saws, tension, protagonists, provocative provocateurs. I reject the drama of untimely name-calling and sarcasm ladened replies...even when I myself engage in them. I work to see barriers dissolve in the face of mutual humanity.

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Happy Thanksgiving[edit]

Happy Thanksgiving, Buster7!
As we all sit down at the dinner table and say our thanks, I would like to give thanks to you for your wonderful contributions and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey, ham or beast of choice satiate you until next year!


A traditional Thanksgiving dinner.


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Countries I have travelled in[edit]

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  • Vandalizing articles is easy. The challenge is to create one!
  • Vandalism Only Accounts usually get blocked rather quickly. Any child can vandalize. The Real Challenge is to create an article.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Sri Lanka Reconciliation/housekeeping#Dealing with disruptive editors Suggestions on dealing with disruptive editors

Writing an article[edit]

How to write an encyclopedic business-related article in 4 easy steps
  1. Use reliable, independent sources (WP:RS) to include significant encyclopedic information.
  2. Use self-published sources as rarely as possible, and only for common uncontroversial information.
  3. Avoid all qualifiers for knowledge, quality, size and success (WP:NPOV, WP:PEACOCK).
  4. Avoid trivial listings, tedious boring details, and vague PR speak with no tangible facts.

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Labor of Love[edit]

Helpful links[edit]

  • Manual of style
  • Writing better articles
  • Avoid weasel words
  • WP:ENC
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  • EasyTimeline: syntax
  • Template:Timeline Geological Timescale
  • List of popes (graphical)
  • Discussion on "Notable Alumni" for school articles
  • Template:2019–20 coronavirus outbreak data 1,144,877 as of 12/2023
  • From User talk:Mast Cell: More generally, the reason I first got involved with Wikipedia—and a governing principle in my decade-plus here—has been to make Wikipedia a vehicle of accurate, high-quality medical information, and to limit the harm caused by medical misinformation here. I don't think I anticipated a situation where the President of the United States, and his political enablers, would become the primary vectors for medical misinformation, nor where simple opposition to blatant medical misinformation & lies would be treated as a partisan act rather than as a basic expression of this site's founding principles. (Of course, I never dreamed that these people could turn the simple use of face masks, during a deadly global pandemic, into a partisan wedge issue either. Live and learn.)
  • User:Hammersoft
  • User:Writegeist


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