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This user lives in New York City. Contrary to popular belief, he did not choose the name "Blueboar" because he likes a particular English Pub or Beer (although he does). The name instead derives from the legends told at the summer camp where he spent many happy years as a child (and where he continues to spend as much time as possible as an adult). Every good summer camp has an axe murderer, vengeful ghost or horrific, blood sucking monster that hangs out somewhere near the camp... one that usually shows up on "a night just like this!" Well, this camp has Blueboar, an ogre that lives across the lake and kills bad little campers in imaginative and very gory ways.

The User Blueboar is a history teacher by avocation, and the curator of a Masonic historical society by profession. As such, most of his edits will relate to historical subjects, especially those on subject of Freemasonry.

If you wish to leave Blueboar a message, please do so on his Talk Page. If you are only interested in vandalism... you can put it where the sun doesn't shine (Which fans of Terry Pratchett will know is a small village in the Ramtops)

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