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Sometimes users, especially Jimbo Wales, jump in Zilla pocket and go to sleep. Cute little fellow! Sometimes users ask to be pocketed. Not surprising: pocket very cosy. Wifi, pingpong table, infrared heating. Craps table. Roomy. Requests for pocketing will be considered.

Don't request pocketing if you're not sure you'll like the company! No guarantees offered: there may be arbs in there, as well as the angry, the blocked, the dispossessed of Wikipedia. May not always be possible to prevent User:Darwinbish from visiting.


Requirements listed below are standards for enacting self-requested pocketing. Requests meeting these terms may still be declined at discretion.

  • Will not pocket newbies or shared IPs.
  • Once you're in pocket, I will feed you, sing to you, and occasionally recite late Victorian poetry at bedtime. Will not de-pocket on request but when I feel like it. I ask that no expedition be sent out to help you escape. Rope ladders in pies acceptable, but no armed rescue operations PLEASE or there be trouble and roaring. So, really, don't ask if you not serious!

Apply for pocketing on talkpage or by e-mail. Privately requested pocketings will be performed with discretion.

Poets' Corner

Enjoy some tea or coffee

No collapsing! Delicious drinks always available!


Cake fridge

Better close fridge, little Bunchofgrapes go crazy. Considering re-open Bishonen's Fat Camp.
Special treat for little Peter
one can't eat woman
Winter sports branch closed for season
The following discussion has been closed. Please do not modify it.

Winter sports branch pocket closed for season

While main pocket have infrared heating, winter sports branch, by contrast, boasts refrigeration unit. Notice attractive landscaping of pocket lining. Have fun!

Four users, including perhaps little Hans Adler, preparing to enjoy pocket bobsledding
Pocket ice hotel with full facilities
Winter wildlife! Cute little Bob in the snow contributed by Huntster.

Padded cell

See User:Bishonen/Self-requested blocks.

  1. ^ Important note: Yes, from today, little Percy in fact member of bishonen posse! Is not this character, but character reciting Ozymandias here.