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    — Wikipedian  —
    (This isn't my cat, but one of mine looks just like that, though our cat door is much cheaper model.)
    (This isn't my cat, but one of mine looks just like that, though our cat door is much cheaper model.)
    Born20th Century
    Name in real lifeBill
    Country America
    LanguagesAmerican English, Jamaican Patois, and just a tiny bit of written Spanish
    Time zoneEST
    EthnicityMutt of West European descent
    RaceHuman race
    HeightTall enough
    EyesWears glasses
    Blood typeRed
    Family and friends
    Marital statusSingle
    Education and employment
    High schoolYes
    Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
    ReligionEvangelical Christian


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    Email"Email this user"
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    JoinedAugust 20, 2006
    First editForgettable
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    Template editorNo
    Edit count208,000
    Red white blue ribbon1.pngIn Memoriam: 9/11
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    Ichthus.svgThis user is a Christian.
    Christian cross trans.svg This user isn't perfect, just forgiven.
    ✝♫This user enjoys Christian music.
    Flag of the United States.svgThis user is American; recognized ancestry ends at the border.
    EuroJamaica.svgThis user's heart is Jamaican!
    Cat03.jpgThis user is a cat.
    Cat03.jpgThis user is owned by one or more cats.
    Litter box.jpgThis user's cats have their own userbox.
    Sterling.pngThis user thinks no outfit is complete without cat hair.
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    Atlanta Braves
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    Atlanta Falcons
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    Rome Braves
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    Chattanooga Lookouts
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    Gwinnett Stripers
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    Nashville Predators
    ATLThis user is an Atlanta Hawks fan.
    MEMThis user is a fan of the
    Memphis Grizzlies
    its & it'sThis user understands the difference between its and it's. So should you.
    A, B, and CThis user prefers the serial comma.
    Wheaties, Cheerios, and Rice Chex This user prefers the cereal comma.
    subj This user prefers that the subjunctive mood be used. Were this user you, they would use it.
    ain’tThis user considers ain’t standard English usage.
    couldn't'veThis user believes that couldn't've would make a perfectly fine word.
    This user typically uses "which" and "that" interchangeably.
    Regarding gender, this user prefers the vernacular, not what is politically correct.
    theyThis user considers singular they standard English usage.
    who(m)This user uses either who or whom in the object case.
    -This user finds MOS:DASH far too complicated and non-intuitive for normal written usage, and uses only hyphens in most circumstances, as they were taught in typing class.
    .This user uses periods, not Full stops.
    …in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
    to¦goThis user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
    byThe passive voice may be used by this user.
    you oneThis user knows that one should not use "you" in encyclopedia articles or other formal works.
    Nuvola apps important.svgThis user uses the phrase "comprised of" in article space.
    y'allThis user thinks y'all serves a useful purpose as a second-person plural pronoun, and would like to see y'all use it more often.
    ubiquitous ≠ widespreadThis user asserts that the more common word is often not the most precise.
    Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Angelika Kaufmann).jpgThis user employs a more formal style of writing in articles than in talk pages.
    snkThis user says either sneaked or snuck.
    English Singulars: "The data is..." This user recognizes that "data", "media", and "agenda" have become incorporated into English as singular nouns.
    ZThis user calls it zee.
    This user prefers to use
    American English spelling.
    “…,”For quotation marks, this user would rather use “American punctuation.”
    Noah WebsterThis user honors Noah Webster
    for saving the English language
    from the Saxon hordes.
    LE-ndis usa has 4gon da use of gramer and spaling sinse b4 i wuz borned nd has no intenshun 2 eva start uzin it,
    based Based on experience, this user knows that based off is nearly always incorrect.
    Windup alarm clock.jpgThis user loathes, but is forced to observe, daylight saving time.
    w/lThis user has a dual boot configuration.
    C:\>_This user uses DOS, or knows how to use it.
    Vista icon.svgThis user prefers Windows 7
    Vista icon.svgThis user prefers Windows 7 over Windows 8/10.Windows logo - 2012.svg
    Hazard T.svgThis user knows the dire side effects of dihydrogen monoxide.
    Do you?
    Blueribbon.png This user is opposed to online censorship.
    Religious symbols.svgThis user is interested in religion.
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    Recent activityContributions

    Unified login: BilCat is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

    New WP Slogans

    • Wikipedia – This site is for entertainment purposes only.
    • Wikipedia – The Encyclopedia anyone can vandalize!
    • Wikipedia - We make herding cats seem super-easy!
    • Wikipedia - You don't have to be crazy to edit here, but it helps!
    • Wikipedia - The internet version of the camel - a horse designed by committee!

    Miscellaneous comments

    • I'm not an idiot, but I sometimes play one on Wikipedia! Face-smile.svg
    • No one deserves forgiveness. It is given as a act of kindness and grace, which is by nature unmerited and undeserved.

    And Now, Something Completely Different

    My Observations on Pets

    • Cats really don't have nine lives, but they eat enough food for nine lifetimes.
    • Many people think cats are cleanly animals. They are not! They are grooming animals - there's a big difference!
    • Sometimes when your pet is whining for no apparent reason, they just want you to go outside and turn the sun on, or the rain off.

    Non-Gender-Neutral Words and Alternatives

    In order to be more gender-neutral, as required by Wikipedia's drive towards more inclusive languge, I'm not using these words in talk page conversations. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before they can be replaced in articles

    • Person is discriminatory, as not all people are "sons", with some being daughters, some both sons and daughters (sequentially or at the same time), and some are non-binary children.
      • Perbeing - my preferred alternative, which I'm now using in talk page conversations and in edit summaries
    • Human is discriminatory, as not everyone is a "man".
      • Hubeing - a shortened form of "human being".

    Options for a new username

    1. User:I registered on Wikipedia, and all I got was this lousy username.
    2. User:I'm a sockpuppet of User:BilCat, but you'll never figure that out! (This is joke, as should be obvious. I've never operated sock accounts, and never will.)


    Annotated photos

    Why the long face? I got cancelled and cost my company billions!
    A T-6 Texan II and a T-6 Texan, too! Yes, Texas is big enough to have two planes named after it.
    A C-141 participates in Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica, as uniformed officers of the Pt. Murdo Constabulary Force stand guard.
    A baby Boeing with its mother
    A very large windvane!
    "In hindsight, building that Wal-Mart next to the airport was a bad idea!"
    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Super Hornet!!??
    Anti-social in a time of COVID-19.png