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Taboo and censorship in different countries, communities and groups[edit]

When ever I find myself in a discussion about censorship or Taboo subjects, I give examples of late 1990 TV censorship. Sweden, a west'ish looking country, with a culture dominating with American movies and American/UK TV shows, had a very opposite view when it came to decide what to censor on national tax supported TV. To take a few examples, the movie Showgirls was shown not once but twice and both times the uncensored version. Nudity was never viewed as something bad, and even segments from pornographic films was shown on a teen-age educational show (during family prime time) called Bullen. Nudity was not discussed in censorship discussions as it was just not an issue, and American/UK view on the subject was seen as odd and strange.

Violence on other hand, now that was viewed as bad for society. TV violence was often a hot topic, discussed on all political levels in society and a strong censorship was enforced onto cinemas and TV. A cartoon show, my guess is it that most of you have heard of it, called Darkwing Duck, was banned mid season as it was viewed as "Video nasty". The movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre became a symbol for a Swedish movement against video violence. For more info on the Swedish version of "Video nasty" can be found at Videovåld.

It wasn't until 2011 (yes, last year!), that the Swedish national cinema censure system was abolished. The censoring of media violence has mostly ended now in regard to movies and TV, but not in regards to video games. Both Norway and Sweden had a temporary censoring of games after the Norway attacks of 2011, and my personal guess is that censoring of games will last a while longer. Last, we have the subject of alcoholic beverage, where any ads about alcoholic beverage is currently (2012) strictly forbidden in Sweden. Any form of promotion, be that TV, movies, cinema, radio, road signs... are all forbidden.

So, when someone say this or that is "normal and acceptable", remember that its only true for their country. Their community. Their group. Belorn (talk) 07:25, 30 April 2012 (UTC)

notes regarding sources for drm article[edit] Ross J. Anderson book security engineering Ross J. Anderson regarding possible uses for spare parts and accessories p 91 regarding uses of drm for spare parts and accessories for definition regarding drm schemes/systems (Relationship between TPM and DRM) for a nytimes article about hardware DRM

parts to investigate:

  • uses for spare parts and accessories (and Right-to-Repair law)
  • review specific implementations and compare that to the book security engineering
  • difference between the terms DRM and TPM

Belorn (talk) 14:51, 8 May 2013 (UTC)