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Hi there! I'm Benjamin ESHAM. I was very active as an editor and administrator between 2002 and 2009, but these days I mostly just make formatting and grammatical tweaks. (I'm not an administrator anymore.)

You can visit commons:User:Bdesham/Images to see the photos and diagrams I've uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons.

Some favorite quotes from Wikipedia articles[edit]

  • "These approximations [of pi] have so many digits that they are no longer of any practical use, except for testing new supercomputers." — Pi
  • "The reader may legitimately wonder if the author of the above joke gets invited to many parties." — Lightbulb joke
  • "...most of the campus contains a jumble of buildings with different architectural styles and all the charm and elegance of a typical run-down industrial park." — MIT
  • "Please remember that Wikipedia is offered for informational use only.... You are advised to contact your Commander-in-Chief for war-related decisions." — Wikipedia:WikiProject Ships
  • " is reasonable to assume someone is angry when they are hitting you." — Spanking
  • "Exa-annum, usually abbreviated as Ea, is a unit of time equal to 1018 years. It is an absurdly long unit of time." — Annum