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 Randall Bart [edit]


Hello, I am Randall Bart. If you want to engage in off Wiki cabal communication, send an email to You can call me at 818-985-3259, especially if you want to give me a job.


I am a WikiGnome. I hang out with the disambiguation gnomes working on the Great and Eternal Disambiguation Project. I am writing a disambiguation FAQ.

I am also a part time typo gnome; mostly fixing fixing things I stumble across while disambiguating or reading.


I am writing some JavaScript. Check out my WhatLinksHere enhancement script.

Funny edits[edit]


The Working Man's Barnstar
For you tireless work on the Disambiguation WikiProject, I hereby award you this Barnstar. Keep up the good work. Editors like you make wikipedia a better place. ŁittleÄlien¹8² (talk\contribs) 02:55, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
All contributions by this user are hereby released into the public domain
Public domain I, the author, hereby agree to waive all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in all content contributed by me, the user, and immediately place any and all contributions by me into the public domain, unless otherwise noted.
I grant anyone the right to use my work for any purpose, without any conditions, to be changed or destroyed in any manner whatsoever without any attribution or notification.