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Hello. I am the reincarnation of an editor from the early 2000s Wikipedia. I took a 15 year break from editing to have a career and a family. I didn’t want to revive the old account because it was too personally identifying, so I am born again.

I love Wikipedia and I'm continually astonished at how it persists in providing generally excellent reference material in spite of so many potential pitfalls.

Some goals of mine are:

  • Provide original free-licensed images that will help illustrate articles.
  • Offer sensible responses to RfCs.
  • Do lots of wikignoming.

I also wrote the essay Wikipedia:Wikipedia will exist in the far future.

On mobile editing[edit]

I usually do my reading and editing 5-15 minutes at a time, in random moments of downtime, and nearly always on my phone - on which I prefer to use the desktop vector legacy (2010) setting. Yes, it's very fiddly - but quite doable. More on this subject: User:Cullen328/Smartphone_editing.

You know how you see people at the airport or bus stop waiting in a queue scrolling through social media apps? That's me, but with Wikipedia instead of Twitter.

On self-preservation[edit]

The atheist must have the sense to know that God exists only in the head of true believers, and the wisdom not to say so while in church.