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I am a transport, travel and cricket fan based in Perth, Western Australia. I like, and edit Wikipedia articles about, all forms of transport and travel, particularly rail transport, but also aircraft, automobiles, and ships. Additionally, I create or contribute to articles touching upon other interests, especially women's cricket and Western Australian topics of various descriptions.

Recently, as a consequence of my involvement in ESEAP, I have been contributing to Wikimedia coverage of Asian topics, and especially the topic of East Timor.

My contributions often either include, or consist of, an image I have uploaded to commons. The image will be either one I have created myself (I have been a keen photographer for many years), or a public domain or suitably licensed image I have found somewhere. I very strongly believe that every wikipedia article should have at least one image, and preferably also an infobox.

Many of the articles I create are translations of Wikipedia articles originally published in another language, particularly German, French or Italian. I am able to translate from German and French by myself, and from other languages with the assistance of google translator.

When I'm not either working or contributing to wikipedia, I like to travel. I've travelled so much that I've been a member of the Travelers' Century Club since 2007. But these days I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a keyboard instead.



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