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This is my userpage (albeit, an extremely cluttered one)!! I'm part of the marvel group

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I will sometimes make userboxes in my spare time. i've made only eighteen, tho. she/her but dont mind any other pronouns. I really hate my wikipedia mentality. i try to balence editing, and helping (at places like the Teahouse, ANI disscusions, etc), but always end up making shit worse. If u wanna see what Userboxes i've made, check out User:Babysharkboss2/Userboxes 999

— Wikipedian Female (born male) —
Country USA
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Weight130 LBS
Family and friends
Marital statussingle
Education and employment
OccupationArtist, youtuber, wikipedian.
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesArt, editing, writing
Aliases'Jax,' 'Babysharkboss'.
MoviesElvis, One Piece Film: Red
ShowsHelluva Boss
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Extended confirmedyes
SignatureBabysharkboss2!! (Hells Bells (Talk Page btw))
Gods favorite Fag