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This is an analysis of the uses of nobots. This list gives (what I think is) every {{bots}} or {{nobots}} template found on any page that contains {{nobots}}. A few of these are wrong (two templates that my regex screwed up and misidentified as one template). But most of these give an idea of what people are using. If there are under 10 pages that use a particular template, I list them. If there are over 10, I list the fist 10.

Interesting cases[edit]

Use of parameters to {{nobots}}[edit]

These are examples of meaningful parameters to {{nobots}} that we should consider.

Use of {{nobots}} AND {{bots}} on the same page[edit]

(Anything in this list uses nobots, or at least transcludes it indirectly. Unless the two templates were consecutive with no spaces in between, I'm only listing the bots template, but these all use both templates.

I'd be kind curious to ask what these users intend. Is it that you're trying to block bots that know about {{bots}} but not {{nobots}}? Something else?

Nobots transcluded, but not directly on page[edit]

These pages purport to have {{nobots}} transcluded, but my regex did not find it. Most of these seem to be coming via the {{deceased Wikipedian}} template.

IMPORTANT NOTE: most bots probably do NOT obey indirect transclusions of the template. We are using regex to look for the template in a page we edit and if it's not right on the page, we will not see it.

Trivial cases[edit]

These pages seek to deny all bots. We don't hugely care that they try to do this in two ways.

Nobots and nothing else[edit]

nobots and bots|allow=none or similar[edit]