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    This is the workpage for AnomieBOT's TFDTemplateSubster task. To have AnomieBOT substitute a template to implement a TFD (or other XfD that needs substing of transclusions of a page), add it to the section below using the {{/row}} template.

    Before adding an entry to this page,

    1. Be sure the XfD was closed with an appropriate consensus.
    2. Watch this page's talk page, as that's where the bot's edit summary will direct error reports.
    3. Be sure that it substs properly. If a template does not subst properly, you are responsible for cleaning it up.
    4. Preview the edit adding {{/row}} to be sure the correct discussion is being linked.

    Please remove entries on this page as they are completed. The bot does not have permission to edit this page.

    Templates to subst