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    Things to do:

    • BSWF whalers: Wildman, possibly ex Cyane/Cerf. Syren is a mystery.
    • Grand Turk: (scroll back) Also had unsuccessful single-ship attack on Falmouth packet Hinchinbrooke on 1 or 2 May 1814 (p31 in Essex book); 2 men killed. There is a Grand Turk launched in 1794 in New England listed in LR in 1803. 375bm. American ownership.
    • Will Watch - lots in New Zealand Company ships
    • Hope (ship) is clearly about more than one vessel
    • Prince Lee Boo & Jackall
    • Emulation - captured by Syren, abandoned, and seized. Origins are confused. LR and RS disagree.
    • HMS Ceres (1781) "THE LATE ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET". The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List (NSW : 1844 - 1860). 23 February 1850. Retrieved 31 October 2019.
    • Glommen/Britomart
    • Weazle (1799); Laymen went on to command Raven (1804), at the cost of his career.
    • Nautilus (Bombay Marine)
    • Nautilus (Charles Bishop), sealing in Australia, rescued missionaries from Tahiti brought by Duff.
    • HMS Calypso - needs a lot of work
    • Hind (1790) revenue cutter that became naval
    • Richard Cadman Etches - re Pac North West, spy and model for the Scarlett Pimpernell, liberator of Sir Sidney Smith from the Temple.

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