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  • I do not like or support the use of the term Middle or Near East, but rather the Arab World for modern times and the Axial World for historical references.
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Axial World[edit]

Timeline of Middle Eastern History


Arab - Arameans - Persian - Semitic


Afro-Asiatic languages - Egyptian languages - Egyptian language - Semitic
Arabic - Aramaic - Canaanite languages - Farsi - Urdu


Aram-Naharaim - Mesopotamia - Middle East - North Africa
Afganistan - Algeria - Armenia - Bahrain - Byzantines - Cyprus - Egypt - Greece - India - Iran - Iraq - Italy - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Malta - Mauritania - Morocco - Oman - Pakistan - Palestine - Saudi Arabia - Somalia - Sudan -Syria - Tunis - Turkey - Yemen




Al-Khalil - Aleppo - Alexandria - Aswan - Baghdad - Cairo - Ctesiphon - Damascus - Jerusalem - Mecca - Medina - Tehran


Dome of the Rock - Masjid al-Nabawi - Mosque of Umar
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Islamic Studies[edit]


Islam - Muslim
Allah - Qur'an
Five Pillars of Islam - Salah - Hajj


Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Abu Bakr - Umar ibn al-Khattab - Uthman ibn Affan - Ali ibn Abi Talib
Aisha - Fatima Zahra - Hafsa bint Umar - Hagar - Ibrahim
Khalid bin Walid
Muawiyah I
Caliph - Muezzin


Battle of Badr - Battle of Yarmuk


Islamic architecture
Mosque - Qibla - Minaret
Kaaba - Black Stone
Masjid al Haram

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List of massacres
List of Wars

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