University of Palestine

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University of Palestine
جامعـــة فلسطيـــن
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ChairmanEng. Imad Kh. Al Agha
PresidentDr. Salem A. Sabbah
Location, ,

The University of Palestine (UP; Arabic: جامعة فلسطين) is a Palestinian private institution of higher education located in Al-Zahra' (south of Gaza City). The university was established in 2005.

Each specialization has a supervisory committee of lecturers. There is an IT unit responsible for organizing communication between lecturers and students through the UPINAR Revision and the UPINAR Office Hour, using a technological program developed by these university teams.

The University of Palestine offers an open access repository[1] for scholarly output by research centers, faculty staff and students, as well as a published Arabic Lightweight OpenCourseWare[2]


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