United States Naval Academy Pipes and Drums

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The USNA Pipes and Drums

The United States Naval Academy Pipes and Drums is a highland musical cadet unit of the United States Naval Academy (USNA). Currently, the 42-member military pipe band is the only active duty unit of its kind in any service of the Department of the Navy (United States Marine Corps included).[1] The band group provides musical support to the academy's Brigade of Midshipmen as well as the larger city of Annapolis, Maryland. It is one of several service academies to maintain bagpipe bands, alsonside the West Point Pipes and Drums and the Virginia Military Institute Pipes and Drums. The USNA Pipe Band is one of the more recent of these types of bands, being established in 1996 with funding being provided by members of the Annapolis class of 1961. It was officially approved as a Brigade Support Activity (BSA) three years later.[2][3]

Today, it provides musical support for the following events and musical requirements of the USNA:[4][5]

The band wears a kilt which features the Polaris Military Tartan when they are in the parade ground. The design originated in the early 1960s and was pioneered by Captain Walter Schlech and Alexander MacIntyre of Strone.  The tartan is patterned in service tartan of the navy and is similar to the Black Watch tartan with the only difference being the addition of a four thread overcheck consisting of yellow - black - sky blue - black - yellow.[6] 



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