Ult Tagdyry

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Ult Tagdyry
Ұлт тағдыры
ChairmanDos Koshim
Founded28 July 2005; 18 years ago (2005-07-28)
IdeologyKazakh nationalism

Ult Tagdyry (Kazakh: Ұлт тағдыры, lit.'Fate of the Nation') is a Kazakh nationalist political movement that was formed on 28 July 2005.[1] It was known for having Amirjan Qosanov being its nominee in the 2019 presidential election where he won around 16% of the popular vote, making it the most votes that a non-incumbent presidential candidate has received in Kazakhstan's history.[2] It also criticized the proposal to extend Nazarbayev's term to 2020.[3]


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