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The USASA National Women's Open was an American women's soccer tournament run by the United States Adult Soccer Association. It began in 1996, and from 2009 to 2012 it was known as the Women's Cup. Before the formation of the Women's Open, the Women's Amateur was the top national cup competition.

Historically, it has only been contested by amateur and semi-pro teams, as teams from professional leagues (WUSA, WPS, and the NWSL) are not allowed to enter the competition. In 2012 though, the Chicago Red Stars, a professional club in the WPSL Elite, entered and won the competition. Similarly, the professional[1] Houston Aces of WPSL won in 2013.

The defending Women's Cup champion is Olympic Club, who won the title in back-to-back tournaments in 2015 and 2016.[2][3] The last open was held in 2016.[4]

Tournament structure[edit]


In the regional phase of the competition, four to sixteen teams per region compete in a round-robin (or partial round-robin) tournament, playing at least three games.[5]

The national finals feature the four regional winners in a two-round knockout tournament.


Teams apply to take part in the national championships, which is contested as an initial round-robin group, followed by a championship game if there are more than four teams participating.



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