Tripura National Volunteers

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Tripura National Volunteers
LeaderBijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl
Dates of operation1978 - 1988
IdeologyTripuri nationalism

Tripura National Volunteers (also Tribal National Volunteers or Tripura National Volunteer Force) was a Tripuri nationalist militant group in the Tripura region of India that launched an armed struggle in the early 1980s to separate Tripura from India. TNV was led by Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl.[citation needed]

Christians made up a large percent of the fighters and leaders of the TNV. The chairman, Bijoy Hrangkhawl, was a devout Christian. Tribesmen who were not Christian who joined the TNV were encouraged to convert to Christianity.[1]

TNV surrendered in 1988 and integrated themselves into a political party. In 2000, TNV renamed itself as Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra.[citation needed]

In 2001, TNV merged with Indigenous People's Front of Tripura.


The TNV was founded in 1978 with assistance from the Mizo National Front.[2] It was initially called the Tribal National Volunteers.[citation needed]

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