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Public transport is the main means of transportation in Eswatini. Car ownership is low, at 89 cars per 1,000 people (2014).[1] The National Road Network has 1500 km of main roads and 2270 km of district roads.[2]


total: 3,594 km
paved: 1,078 km
unpaved: 2,516 km (2002)

Amongst its roadway network, the main roads are:

The MR3 road also includes a section, going from the Ngwenya border crossing, through Mbabane and until Manzini, with 4 lanes and has been upgraded as a motorway. This motorway section has a length of 56 km.


total: 301 km (2008), 297 km; note - includes 71 km which are not in use (1997 est.)
narrow gauge: 301 km (2008), 297 km 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge (1997 est.)


none - Landlocked


The country's main airport is King Mswati III International Airport, which has a 3,600m runway. The other paved airport is Matsapha Airport[3]

Other airports - with unpaved runways[edit]

total: 13
914 to 1,523 m: 6
under 914 m: 7 (2012)

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