Tibati Nkambule of Swaziland

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Tibati Madvolomafisha Nkambule
Ndlovukati of Swaziland
Reign7 October 1889 - 1894
PredecessorSisile Khumalo[1]
SuccessorLabotsibeni Mdluli[1]
Diedc. February 1895[2]

Tibati Madvolomafisha Nkambule (d. 1895), was the Queen Regent and Indlovukati of Swaziland from 1889 until 1894 following the death of King Mbandzeni (Dlamini IV).

Tibati has been called "strong, traditionalist and well respected among her peers".[3] She led the country during the tumultuous period before the kingdom was placed under the administration of the South African Republic in 1894.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by Queen Regent of Swaziland
Succeeded by