Thor (video codec)

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Developed byCisco Systems
Type of formatVideo codec
Extended toNETVC, AV1
Open format?Yes
Free format?Yes

Thor is a royalty-free video codec under development by Cisco Systems. The specifications of Thor were available in various Internet Drafts.[1]

On July 22, 2015, Thor was presented to the IETF as a candidate for their NETVC video standard.[2] Thor uses some Cisco elements that are also used by HEVC.[3] As part of the NETVC work, the Constrained Low-Pass Filter (CLPF) and motion compensation techniques used in Thor were tested in conjunction with the lapped transform coding techniques from the Daala codec.[4]

On September 1, 2015, Cisco announced that the Alliance for Open Media would use elements of Thor to develop a royalty free video format, AOMedia Video 1.[5][6][7]

According to Steinar Midtskogen, a principal Thor developer and AV1 contributor, Thor is in good shape for real-time CPU encoding (as of NETVC meeting 101, March 19, 2018), in strong contrast to AV1 at the same time.[8] Thor development had stalled for the finalization of AV1, but Midtskogen envisaged further Thor development by merging the Daala entropy coder and adding more tools for screen content.[9]


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