Teylers Fossil Room II

Coordinates: 52°22′49″N 4°38′25″E / 52.3804°N 4.6403°E / 52.3804; 4.6403
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Teylers Fossil Room II
Fossil room II
BuildingTeylers Museum
Coordinates52°22′49″N 4°38′25″E / 52.3804°N 4.6403°E / 52.3804; 4.6403
PurposeFossil room
ArchitectAd van der Steur Jr.

The Fossil room II is one of two paleontological display rooms in Teylers Museum. The Fossil room II was built in 1885 as an extension of the first Fossil room I, under the direction of the architect Ad van der Steur Jr.[1]


The Teylers Museum was originally opened in 1784 as a museum of science and arts. During the course of the next few decades the number of natural history objects grew, and under J.G.S. van Breda the Paleontological collection grew with the purchase of various collections based on his in-depth knowledge and personal network. Tiberius Winkler began the task of cataloguing, and was thus able to sort the collection into more or less important objects, and to display these, the idea of a new museum slowly gained ground with the directors.


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