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This template inserts a red X inline in the text. It is often used as the opposite of {{Tick}}.


This template inserts an inline red diagonal cross (X) image, indicating negation (or some other negatory message: rejection, failure, etc.). It is not for use in articles.

The cross image defaults to 20px in size. To change the size, call with a pixel value as an argument, such as:


The |color= or |colour= parameter can be used to change the color of the X:

color codes output notes
red rd r the default
darkred dkred drd dr
orange or o
yellow yel y
black blk k
grey gray gry gy is actually semi-transparent


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TemplateData for Xmark

A template that inserts a red (by default) X (diagonal cross) inline in the text

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Sets the size of the X mark

Colorcolor colour

Sets the color of the X mark


See also[edit]

Check marks Cross marks
{{tick}} = {{tick|20}}
{{check mark}}
{{cross}} = {{cross|20}}
{{aye}} and {{Y}} Green tickY {{nay}} and {{N}} Red XN
{{ya}} Yes {{na}} No
{{yan}} Yes {{nan}} No
{{check mark-n}} YesY {{x mark-n}} NoN
{{y&}} {{n&}}
{{yeac}} Green checkmarkY {{nayc}} Red X symbolN
{{yeag}} Gray check markYg {{nayg}} Gray X symbolNg
{{Mby}} Orange tickY {{nayd}} Dark red X symbolN2
{{checked box}}
{{ticked box}}
checked box {{unchecked box}}
{{unticked box}}
unchecked box
{{xed box}} X'ed box {{unexed box}} unchecked box
{{question mark box}} ?
Other marks
{{n.b.}} Nota bene* {{hmmm}} Question?
{{bang}} exclamation mark  {{idkc}} Blue question mark?
{{equc}} Gray equals sign= {{cloc}} Magenta clockclock
Most of the templates above are fully sortable in a class="sortable" table (each check mark is assigned an undisplayed "Y" and each cross mark an undisplayed "N").
This list:

Inline icon templates by shape and color[edit]

Any of the following inline, comment-level templates can be converted into {{Resolved}}-style hatnotes by using {{Resbox}} to put a box around the icon and text.

Green check marks
 Implemented {{Implemented}}
check Partially implemented {{PImplemented}}
 Resolved {{Resolved mark}}
Accepted {{Accepted}}
Agree {{Agree}}
Approved {{Approved}}
Checked {{Checked2}}
 Verified {{Verified}}
Conditional yesCY {{Conditional yes}}
 Confirmed {{Confirmed}}
 Confirmed with respect to the named user(s). no No comment with respect to IP address(es). {{Confirmed-nc}}
 Technically indistinguishable {{Tallyho}}
checkY {{Tick}}
Helped {{Helped}}
 Done {{Done}}
 Completed {{Edited2}}
 Task complete. {{Donetask}}
 Done – as a contested proposed deletion, the article has been restored on request. {{Unprod}}
Answered on user's talk page. {{Autp}}
Responded at the appropriate venue. {{Responded}}
 Sure! {{Sure}}
  checkY Merger complete. {{Merge done}}
 Pass {{Pass}}
Green tickY {{Aye}}
 Yes {{Yes check}}
Green checkmarkY {{Yeac}}
Gray check markYg {{Yeag}}
Cross marks
☒N {{Xmark}}
☒N This offer has expired {{Expired}}
☒N Deleted {{Deleted}}
 Not done {{Not done}}
Not done – empty request {{Not done empty request}}
Not done – please clarify {{Not done unclear}}
☒N Not done and not likely to be done {{Not done not likely}}
☒N Stale {{Stale-small}}
Rejected {{Smallrejected}}
☒N {{X mark}}
Red XN {{Nay}}
 No {{No mark}}
 Not done {{Not done-t}}
 Fail {{Fail}}
NoN {{X mark-n}}
X'ed box {{Xed box}}
Cancelled {{Cancelled}}
 Deleted {{Deleted-image}}
Red X Already declined {{Already declined}}
Red X Blocked {{Opblocked}}
Red X User blocked {{User-blocked}}
Red X Not a bug {{Notabug}}
Red X Not fixed {{Notfixed}}
Red X Won't fix {{Won't fix}}
Red X I withdraw my nomination {{Withdraw}}
Red X No technical evidence {{Nojoy}}
Red X Unrelated {{Unrelated}}
Red X Off-topic {{Off-topic talk}}
Red X symbolN {{Nayc}}
Gray X symbolNg {{Nayg}}
Black check marks
 Already done {{Already done}}
 Resolved {{Resolved1}}
YesY {{Check mark-n}}
Checked {{Checked}}
checked box {{Checked box}}
Yellow check marks
 Half done {{Half done}}
 Partly done {{Partly done}}
Blue check marks
checkmark Semi-done {{Semi-done}}
checkmark Go ahead {{Go ahead}}
 Fixed {{Fixed}}
 Fixed by reporter {{Fixed by reporter}}
 Pending {{Bug pending}}
 Resolved {{Bug resolved}}
 Blocked and tagged {{Blockedandtagged}}
 Blocked without tags {{Blockedwithouttags}}
 Tagged {{Socks tagged}}
 No tags {{No tags}}
 IP block exemption granted {{Ipbedone}}
 IP blocked {{IPblock}}
 Proxy blocked {{Pblock}}
 Proxies blocked {{Psblock}}
 Range blocked {{Rblock}}
 Requested actions completed, closing {{Action and close}}
 Blocked and tagged. Closing. {{Blockedtaggedclosing}}
Minus sign
 Closed {{Close}}
 Denied {{Denied}}
no Disagree {{Disagree}}
no Not approved {{Unapproved}}
no Not bug {{NotBug}}
no Duplicate bug {{Duplicate bug}}
no Invalid {{Invalid}}
no Declined {{Declined}}
no No action {{No action}}
no No comment {{Nocomment}}
no Unnecessary {{Unnecessary}}
no No comment with respect to IP address(es) {{Nc}}
minus Removed {{Removed}}
no Closing without action {{Closing without action}}
no Failed {{Failed-ga}}
Plus sign
plus Added {{Added}}
 Posted {{Posted}}
 Works for me {{Works for me}}
 Passed {{Passed}}
 Likely {{Likely}}
 Highly likely {{Highly likely}}
 Clerk endorsed {{Endorse}}
 Clerk declined {{Decline}}
 Clerk declined – Checkusers will not link accounts to IPs, per the privacy policy. {{Decline-IP}}
 Endorsed by a checkuser {{Cu-endorsed}}
 Check declined by a checkuser {{Cudecline}}
 Delisted {{Delisted}}
 Inconclusive {{Inconclusive}}
 Not Applicable {{N/A icon}}
Neutral sign
 Closed {{Bug closed}}
 New: {{Bug new}}
 Second opinion requested {{GA2ndopinion}}
Gray equals sign= {{equc}}
Purple turn-right
 Deferred {{Deferred}}
 Defer to Abuse filter {{Deferabusefilter}}
 Defer to Local blacklist {{Deferblack}}
 Defer to Global blacklist {{Defermetablack}}
 Defer to WPSPAM {{Deferspam}}
 Defer to XLinkBot {{Deferspambot}}
 Defer to Whitelist {{Deferwhite}}
Simple clock
 Pending approval {{PendingRequest}}
 GA on hold {{GAOnHold}}
 On hold {{On hold}}
 On hold until {{OnHoldUntil}}
Magenta clockclock {{cloc}}
Orange clock Proposal on hold {{ProposalOnHold}}
 Reviewing request. {{Reviewing request}}
Pink clock Awaiting administrative action {{Awaitingadmin}}
ClockC {{Await}}
 Later {{Later}}
 Pending {{Tobedone}}
 Discussion ongoing...
 Doing... {{Doing}}
 [[User:|]] is doing... {{Isdoing}}
 Started {{Started}}
 In progress {{In progress}}
 Checking... {{Checking}}
 Reviewing... {{Reviewing}}
Information mark
information Needs discussion {{NeedsDiscussion}}
information Note: {{A note}}
information Administrator note {{Administrator note}}
 Assigned {{Bug assigned}}
 High Priority {{High priority}}
Nota bene* {{N.b.}}
 Urgent: {{Urgent}}
 Investigating... {{Investigating}}
exclamation mark  {{Bang}}
 Requesting immediate archiving... {{Archive now}}
 Bureaucrat note: {{Bureaucrat note}}
 Checkuser note: {{CUnote}}
 Acknowledged {{Bug acknowledged}} ({{Ack}})
 Confirmed {{Bug confirmed}}
 Comment: {{Comment}}
 Remind {{Remind}}
 Remark: {{Remark}}
 Clerk note: {{Clerk-Note}}
 Robot clerk note: {{Clerk-Note-bot}}
 Renamer note: {{Renamer note}}
 Coordinator note: {{Coordinator-note}}
 This review has not received any comments in two weeks. {{Stale GAN}}
red-outlined triangle containing exclamation point Warning {{Warnsign}}
Question mark
question mark Suggestion {{Suggestion}}
? Maybe {{Maybe-t}}
question mark Maybe {{Maybe-i}}
Question? {{Qmark}}
Question? {{Question mark}}
Not done for now {{Not done for now}}
Not sure {{Not sure}}
Not sure. {{Not sure2}}
 Question: {{Question}}
 foo: {{Question|label=foo}}
 Additional information needed {{MoreInfo}}
 Feedback required {{Bug feedback}}
Blue question mark? {{Idkc}}
Light bulb iconB {{Bulb}}
Flashing bulbB {{Bulb2}}
Idea: {{Idea}}
light bulb New proposal {{NewProposal}}
Thank you {{Thank you}}
 Thank you very much! {{Thank you very much}}
Smiley You're welcome! {{You're welcome}}
Smiley Sorry! {{Sorry}}
 Thanks {{Thank}}
Thank you {{WikiThanks}}
Smiley No problem! {{No problem}}
Thumb sign
Thumbs down icon {{Thumbs down}}
Thumbs up icon {{Thumbs up}}
Thumbs up icon {{(y)}}
Thumbs down icon {{(n)}}
thumbs up Great! {{Great}}
👍 Like {{Like}}
Dislike {{Dislike}}


ω Awaiting {{Awaiting}}
(orange butt icon Buttinsky) {{Buttinsky}}
 Comment. {{Commentvote}}
 Dupe {{Bug dupe}}
Merged {{Clerk-Note-merged}}
bug   New bug {{NewBug}}
  Bug fixed {{BugFixed}}
copy   Duplicate proposal {{DuplicateProposal}}
confused face icon Just curious... {{Justcurious}}
shuffling arrows Proposal out of scope {{ProposalOutOfScope}}
 Moved to Commons {{Moved to commons}}
Orz... {{Orz}}
( Peanut gallery comment) {{Peanut}}
 Possibly {{Possibly}}
eye I have read the above message. I will reply when I have a moment. {{Read}}
Yes Received {{Received}}
flag Redflag {{Redflag}}
trash Redundant {{Redundant symbol}}
recycle Reopened {{Reopened}}
@Example: {{Reply to}}
arrow Reverted {{Reverted}}
rimshoti {{Rimshot}}
lens Review {{Twomanrule}}
lens Review – This section is under review or has been partially reviewed by {{UnderReview}}
Facepalm Facepalm {{Facepalm}}
scissors Running with scissors is too dangerous for Wikipedia! {{Scissors}}
trout Self-trout {{Self-trout}}
trout Self-whale...for when a trout just isn't enough {{Self-whale}}
Yes Sent {{Sent}}
per snowball clause {{Snow}}
SUL Check {{SULcheck}}
 ToDo {{ToDo}}
eraser Undone {{Undone}}
 Uploaded {{Uploaded}}
 Request withdrawn {{Withdrawn}}
 Working {{Working}}
 Wikipedia is not a crystal ball. {{WPcrystalball}}
 Completed {{Completed}}
 Blocked but awaiting tags {{Sblock}}
 Possible {{Possible}}
 Not possible {{Impossible}}
 Possilikely (a mix between possible and likely) {{Possilikely}}
 Unlikely {{Unlikely}}
minus Replaced {{Replaced}}
 Looks like a duck to me {{Duck}}
 Sounds like a duck quacking into a megaphone to me {{Megaphoneduck}}
 1.75x amplified ultimate quack of ultimate destiny {{Megaphoneduck|ultimate}}
 Clerk assistance requested: {{Clerk Request}}
 Relisted {{Relisted}}
 No sleepers immediately visible {{Nosleepers}}
 Behavioural evidence needs evaluation {{Behaviour}}
Redirect arrow Global lock(s) requested {{GlobalLocksRequested}}
 Stale {{StaleIP}}
magic eight ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says: {{8ball}}
crystal ball CheckUser is not a crystal ball {{Crystalball}}
fish CheckUser is not for fishing {{Fishing}}
 CheckUser is not magic pixie dust {{Pixiedust}}
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ {{Shrug}}
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {{Lenny}}
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ {{Table flip}}

Multi-sign templates[edit]

The following templates implement several icons: