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Place this template for deletion (TfD) notice on the talk page of interested parties, such as nominated template's creator. In the case of a popular or significant template, it may be appropriate to give wide notice.


Copy and paste the following code on user talk pages to inform editors of the deletion discussion:

{{subst:Tfd notice|TemplateName}} ~~~~
  • Note: TemplateName should be replaced by the template's name excluding the prefix Template: (or Module:).
  • For modules, see below.

If the discussion is listed under another name than TemplateName, for example when nominating several templates under one umbrella nomination, add the name of the TfD heading:

{{subst:Tfd notice|TemplateName|NameOfHeading}} ~~~~

where NameOfHeading is the name of the section heading under which you have listed the templates for merging at WP:TFD.

Additional parameters[edit]

  • |module=Module: (or |module=y or any other value) changes the namespace of the page in question Module: instead of Template:.
  • |days= is the number of days before the current date in which the page was listed on the log. For example, if the page was listed yesterday on the log, then |days=1 would be used. If the page was listed on the log three days before today, then |days=3 would be used. Leave blank if on today's log.
  • |heading=no (or any other negative value such as |heading=false, |heading=0) will suppress the creation of a new talk-page heading for this notice. Can also be specified as |header=no.
  • |heading=3 or |header=3 will change the default second level (==) heading to a third-level (subsection) heading. This is useful when dropping off a series of such notes if you want to group them under a single main heading. This parameter option is, of course, mutually exclusive with |heading=no.

See also[edit]

  • {{subst:Tfm notice|OtherTemplateName}} – the parallel template for a merger notice
  • {{subst:Tfr notice|ProposedNewName}} – the parallel template for a rename notice
  • {{subst:Tfd}} – basic TfD template (use at the template)
  • {{subst:Tfd2}} – second step in a TfD process (use at WP:TFD daily log page)
  • {{subst:Catfd}} – TfD with corresponding category (use at the category; categories are otherwise normally deletion-tagged with {{subst:Cfd}})
  • {{subst:Catfd2}} – add corresponding category to second step in a TfD process (use at WP:TFD daily log page; categories are otherwise normally deleted via WP:CFD)