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Thank you ![edit]

Hello, RfA withdrawal! Wikipedia thanks you for offering to help in the capacity of an administrator. Sadly, your nomination has been withdrawn as the nomination would likely not have succeeded. Major reasons for this are the limited time you have spent editing Wikipedia and the relatively low number of edits you have made to date; nothing personal. Please don't be disheartened—this was only done to reduce any ill will that might have been generated by the process.

If you wish to help Wikipedia in the capacity of an administrator in the future, you will need to be able to demonstrate why people can trust you with these very powerful tools. To do this, you may wish to help out with maintenance work—here are some pages that you might find helpful:

Once you've spent several more months both creating new content and helping administrators out behind the scenes, you may be ready for another request to become an administrator. Please remember that whatever happens, many of the administrators you see today on the administrator's noticeboard went through the RfA process at least twice before the community promoted them; one admin notably made seven attempts before succeeding.

Please don't take any RfA criticism personally; rather, look on the process as a constructive way to help you become a better editor. Please don't rush to become an administrator, but take your time and allow the community to take the time we need to be able to judge that we can trust you and your judgement. Look through the various policies and above all, have fun and enjoy yourself building Wikipedia. Once again, Wikipedia thanks for your nomination and we all hope you won't be too upset at the result. Best wishes.