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The following articles are up for deletion. If you are a registered user, you can !vote either way. Please add this page to your watchlist.


  • if it is the article's first nomination, use {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Harry Potter/AfD Template|article=articlename|date=opening date}}.
  • if it is not the article's first nomination, use {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Harry Potter/AfD Template|article=articlename|name=name of the AfD|date=opening date}}. Replace "name of the AfD" with whatever the AfD's individual page is called, for example "Main Page (2nd nomination)".
  • When the AfD is over, you can add the tags result= and close=. The default for the "result" tag is for everything to be bold. So to produce:
Result was delete

Just enter result=delete. To get something like

Result was redirect to Foo

You need to 'close' the bold font, and open it again at the end. Hence for the example above, you need to type:

result=redirect''' to [[Foo]]'''

No more than four recently closed AfD debates should be visible. To restrict the number shown, move the <noinclude> tag up the list of closed debates.