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Is there going to be a new page made for the new season?[edit]

A new season has been/is going to be released- will there be a corresponding article for it? (talk) 19:59, 10 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The reboot is made clear a reboot in the show[edit]

In the very first episode alone it's made clear it's a reboot and not another season. Both Chris and Priya refer to it as such directly. While yes, Wikipedia does treat some continuations as the same series, in other cases, such as the ICarly reboot for example. It's also been referred to as such by Cartoon Network and Terry McGurrin, both of which I've sourced in the infobox. Boneil0898 (talk) 09:14, 12 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The show itself is notoriously inconsistent, I would absolutely not take quotes from the characters as proof at all. Additionally, that McGurrin tweet you have kept on parroting also says that fans should think of it as seasons 6 and 7, and it even implies that Pahkitew Island is alao a reboot with its production codes being 101-113, rather than 514-526. You have also just in general been making the page look overall worse because you're so adamant about the new season being its own thing akin to Ridonculous Race and Dramarama when it's basically just the original show. Unnamed anon (talk) 17:56, 12 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
It doesn't matter if it's "basically the original show." This is encyclopidia, not a fandom. The fandom wikia already incorectly lists it as Season 6 because fandoms is for fan information, whereas Wikipedia is for actual information. It's not "making the article worse" by putting accurate information. And I wasn't just using character quotes, add in how far removed it is from the original (huge time jump, entirely new cast, no returns Chris and Chef and only one cameo from the spin-off, not even from the main series), the fact it's been a confirmed to be a reboot by people working on the show (Terry McGurrin), and by referred to as such by studios (Cartoon Network). The character quotes were just additional sources. So no, it's not making the page look "worse" having accurate info, it's making it look worse having fan information on an encyclopedia. This is no different than iCarly, Animaniacs, Fuller house, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Gossip Girl, among serval other revivals, where it's simply a sequel and a revival, unless you're suggesting we should merge all those along with others with their original series, since if anything, those are more direct sequels than this, retaining most of their main casts. Wikipedia goes by production, this series should be no different, and it's not cool to keep reverting the page just because Terry said fans can think of it as season six, but never once has the series been referred to in any capacity as actually being a season six. If you want it listed as such, then why don't you have to provide sources? Boneil0898 (talk) 19:31, 12 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS is not a valid excuse, and I am of the opinion that most of those pages should be merged with their originals as well anyways. Your point about the entirely new cast is moot when this is the third time this has happened. Your Terry source, as mentioned before, says that Pahkitew's production codes were also of an entirely new series instead of a season, despite previous sources saying it is the latter, so because of that error I don't consider that source fully reliable despite it coming from a producer. Unnamed anon (talk) 20:29, 12 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The point about the new cast aside, and the other examples aside, it shouldn't matter regardless. Whatever you want to consider it as is fine, but in the end of the day it is still a different series. The way it's currently listed on the overview table seems like a good compromise however, as this way it's still listed after the original but the information that it was produced separately is still available. It kind of offers people the opportunity to decide for themselves how they want to view it. Boneil0898 (talk) 02:20, 13 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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