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Weight Gain[edit]

Anyone have a more recent image? Burton and Depp were live on television tonight talking about the Chocolate Factory, and Burton has gained a LOT of weight. (I'll save the jokes about working on a movie about candy...)


Goth·ic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gthk) adj.

1. Of or relating to the Goths or their language.

2. Germanic; Teutonic.

3. Of or relating to the Middle Ages; medieval.

4. Of or relating to an architectural style prevalent in western Europe from the 12th through the 15th century and characterized by pointed arches, rib vaulting, and a developing emphasis on verticality and the impression of height.

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6. often gothic Of or relating to a style of fiction that emphasizes the grotesque, mysterious, and desolate.

7. gothic Barbarous; crude.


Note: See #6 for the defintion which accurately decribes Burton's style and the subculture you mention.

Hint: Grab a dictionary before you rant--you'll sound smarter.


To be honest I think quite a lot of the article is poorly written. I don't mean to cause any offence, but the quality of the writing just doesn't seem up to scratch.

Details on each film[edit]

Similar to the Steven Spielberg page, it would be great if we could have paragraphs of information on each film and maybe even a few paragraphs on the various colaborations Tim Burton has done. Including Danny Elfman and Actors (e.g Jonny depp, Hulk Hogan and Jack Nicholson.


4 sequels? I don't think so. Batman Begins is a completely new series (though, admittedly, it borrows a LOT from the original series). I added a little about the Batman franchise in general.

Recurring cast members[edit]

Burton often casts certain actors more than once in his films. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Christopher Lee, Deep Roy, Michael Gough, Jeffrey Jones and Michael Keaton are amongst his most frequent of collaborators.

Actor Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) Beetlejuice (1988) Batman (1989) Edward Scissorhands (1990) Batman Returns (1992) Ed Wood (1994) Mars Attacks! (1996) Sleepy Hollow (1999) Planet of the Apes (2001) Big Fish (2003) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Corpse Bride (2005) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) Alice in Wonderland (2010) [Coraline] (2008)
Helena Bonham Carter ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N
Johnny Depp ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N
Danny DeVito ☒N ☒N ☒N
Michael Gough ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N
Jan Hooks ☒N ☒N
Jeffrey Jones ☒N ☒N ☒N
Michael Keaton ☒N ☒N ☒N
Christopher Lee ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N
Lisa Marie ☒N ☒N ☒N ☒N
Jack Nicholson ☒N ☒N
Albert Finney ☒N ☒N
Martin Landau ☒N ☒N ☒N
Sarah Jessica Parker ☒N ☒N
Paul Reubens ☒N ☒N
Alan Rickman ☒N ☒N
Deep Roy ☒N ☒N ☒N
Winona Ryder ☒N ☒N
Diane Salinger ☒N ☒N
Timothy Spall ☒N ☒N
Glenn Shadix ☒N ☒N
Sylvia Sidney ☒N ☒N
Noah Taylor ☒N ☒N
Christopher Walken ☒N ☒N


Mistake on table[edit]

I would just like to point out a mistake on the table of recurring actors in Burton's movies. The most recent table states that Johnny Depp was in The Nightmare Before Christmas, but this is false.

Danny Elfman on table[edit]

Would someone please remove Elfman from the table? He is techically not an actor, and he's listed for his scores. - Cartoon Boy (talk) - 2:22, 17 March 2010 (UTC)

Nightmare not listed on filmography here but listed on filmography page[edit]

Idk if it's using a special definition of filmography for this table, but even without directing it, the movie is his baby. I assume this was an accidental delete or a dispute. Please add it back.

Common-law marriage?[edit]

This link is a bit confusing with the comment that they "never married", a common-law marriage is still a legal marriage, should the link really be used or should this be reworded somewhat? ★Trekker (talk) 22:18, 15 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]