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Request for additional history on his stances on slavery and anti-mexican sentiment[edit]

I noticed the article is pretty light on Sam Houston's complicated relationship with slavery; which is explored with many other similar biographical articles of early American leaders. I am not enough of a Houston expert to suggest the extent or content, but we have one sentence, essentially, that touches on this, with whole sections of legacy, etc. that deal with far less significant matters. I would like to request someone with a balanced historical perspective talk to the diffferent sides of Houston's engagement with slavery, as a slave-owner, but also (mostly) an opponent or compromiser between southern and northern positions on the expansion of slavery and his handling of slavery in the Texas Republic. I have read a few accounts, but don't know enough to know what its most objective, what is apologist, and what is revisionist. From what I can tell he was generally opposed, took some moderate stances that were unpopular at the time, and treated his slaves well, but was a slave owner, and profited from the institution, and was not a consistent abolitionist. It would be great if someone could weave some of this into a coherent narrative. I think it's relevant both to this article and in the broader context of early Texas history before and after the Civil War. I have no agenda either way, it just seems to be a missing piece of his story that has appreciable significance. His anti-Mexican stance is also something that needs to be fleshed out, especially as it seems a lot less conflicted that his relationship with slavery.2600:1700:D6D0:4F60:8101:32A1:7DDB:18BC (talk) 20:24, 10 June 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

pejorative comment about Mexicans[edit]

this paragraph needs to be removed immediately. there is absolutely no record of anything he's said that can confirm he's made negative comments about Mexicans. The man is a true American hero and the person who added the felonious statement to this article should be permanently banned from adding/editing anything because of their biased, racist, and misinformed beliefs. (talk) 06:27, 17 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]