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Comments by Fred Thwaites[edit]

Unless I'm mistaken PRINCE2 does not mandate this technique, only recommend it. To this extent it is covered in both the training and certification exam.

FredThwaites 00:07, 23 February 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I would hesitate to say that you are correct in your statement Fred, in the book "Prince2 a practical handbook" by Colin Bentley [ISBN 0-7506-5330-2], he states on pg.110 in relation to PL2 Defining and Analysing products; "This is a key point in PRINCE2. If you are not using this step, then you are not really using PRINCE2. It is an ideal method of involving users, specialists and Project Assurance roles in the creation of a plan, without the normal probelms of "design by committe".

So it is my opinion (backed by Mr. Bentley) that Product based planning is critical to the use of this method, and is not merely a recommendation, as the whole methodology is Product based as oppose to the traditional (lower level) activity based planning.

A.N.Other : Project Manager [13:49 29 Feb 2007]