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Spade, eh?[edit]

I'm not sure if it's intentional, but when the article mentions "calling a spade a spade", it reminded me that someone once told me 'spade' was a pejorative term for a black person! Though I fear this will start us off on the euphemism treadmill again.

A question[edit]

Some individuals (e.g. User:FWBOarticle) appear (from discourse) to believe that words may be inherently pejorative. I genuinely wonder if there are any philosophical discussions regarding such ideas? (20040302 00:48, 21 Dec 2004 (UTC))

"Pejorative" vs "disparaging"[edit]

From the article:

Although pejorative means the same thing as disparaging, the latter term may be applied to a look or gesture as well as to words and phrases.

But the article linked to (as should be obvious from its title) does not discuss its application to a look or gesture. Brianjd 10:19, 2004 Dec 27 (UTC)

Bites more than it chews[edit]

This article starts the huge subject of taking away the power of pejorative words, but doesn't really explain any of the process or the rationale. I think Dr. Judith Butler says some crazy stuff on it, though I might be mixed up. It would be awesome if someone (maybe me, later,) gave more support.

Also, the article could use something on the use of pejoritives by groups against each other (I linked here from terrorist, for example).


I would propose that this article be transwikied to wictionary. Not quite sure how to go about doing that, but it sounds like a good idea.