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As per Wikipedia General notability guideline, "if a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be suitable for a stand-alone article or list." In this entry, notability is substantiated by significant coverage, as evident in multiple sources, all in English, some available on-line. The sources are reliable: academic and scholarly articles, press release of a scientific society, and various professional and managerial web articles. All of them discuss open collaboration, the subject of this entry, and no original research is needed to extract the content. Open collaboration is the main topic or a significant part in the source materials, thereby satisfying Wikipedia's criterion for "significant coverage". All of this sources are independent of the subject - a scientific concept - and thus presumed to be suitable for a stand alone article.

Suitable for Wikipedia[edit]

This entry is about a concept, denoted by its title. Thus, as per policy it is suitable for Wikipedia, not a dictionary. It is not an entry about a word or an idiom, nor is it about all the possible meanings of the phrase "open collaboration". It describes the concept of open collaboration, a concept used in other Wikipedia articles. The entry relies on multiple sources, all in English, some available on-line, as described above.

Merger proposal[edit]

I propose that Open Collaboration be merged into Open collaboration. The former seems to be a section of the latter. (talk) 14:00, 22 March 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

There appears to be nothing in the other article which was not in this one, so I have redirected that title to this. The two articles appear to have been created as identical duplicates, but this one has been somewhat expanded since. PamD 10:24, 3 April 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]
 Done. Thanks, DA Sonnenfeld (talk) 11:04, 26 April 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]


I'm not sure what open collaboration is, but I don't think I can take the definition we convey too seriously. How does basing decisions on merit prevent decisions from being imposed? And how can governance be both egalitarian and meritocratic?
Is there a better definition available? --Chealer (talk) 02:59, 2 September 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You're right. The definition is not only confusing, it is also unsubstantiated. I'll seek something more reliable. (talk) — Preceding undated comment added 23:22, 31 October 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Alexis sound is needed for each word with definition; along, with a example sentence(s).

WP-FUWS (talk) 00:28, 31 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I am having technical difficulties with sounds and speaking of each word definitions,etc. WP-FUWS (talk) 00:32, 31 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]