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Name: Nuuk vs. Godthåb[edit]

"Nuuk" is the most commonly accepted name for this city in English ;it is listed by Lonely Planet guides as being the common name of this city.Vancouverguy 00:33, 31 Aug 2003 (UTC)

The city's name is Godthåb. Finito! I know this better than you, Sir! (Please see the swedish wikipedia: Godthåb, not "Nuuk")
Just like Königsberg's name is Königsberg (and not "Kaliningrad")
Not in English. Nor does the city itself officially accept the Godthåb name. --mav 00:38, 31 Aug 2003 (UTC)
This is the English version of Wikipedia, not Danish therefore the names as they are known to English speakers are used. Vancouverguy 00:38, 31 Aug 2003 (UTC)
The Times Atlas of the World, Tenth Edition (which is pretty authoritative!) shows it as Nuuk (Godthåb), but the bracketed name is shown very small compared with the labelling of Nuuk. GRAHAMUK 01:27, 31 Aug 2003 (UTC)
Try this for evidence:
Or indeed this, an official publication of the Danish Government: -- The Anome 01:31, 31 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Big rush![edit]

Wow a huge rush of talk on the talk page!... and still the article has gained no content since the initial stub in May 2002... looks like I am going to have to try to knuckle down and help out here! Pete 07:18, 2 Sep 2003 (UTC)


Damn...I put it at Nuuk because that's the official name of the place since home rule in 1979. It's too bad people who know more than I do don't add to the page rather than fight about something they could confirm in five minutes... John

Coordinates wrong...[edit]

I tried looking up the coordinates on Google Earth and they point to the southern tip of Greenland...the lat/long are definitely not correct! --Michael

I also tried that. They seem to point reasonably accurately to Nasarsuaq, maybe they have been swapped.


On section history it says that:

An article examining indigenous influences on cities worldwide suggested that worldwide,

One city... stands out. Nuuk... has probably the highest percentage of aboriginal people of any city: almost 90% of Greenland’s population of 58,000 is Inuit, and least eight in 10 live in urban settlements. Nuuk also celebrates Inuit culture and history to an extent that is unprecedented in many cities with higher total aboriginal populations. By proportion and by cultural authority and impact, it may well be tiny Nuuk that is the most indigenous city in the world.

However on section Demographics it says that:

Today Nuuk has the highest proportion of Danes of any town in Greenland. Half of Greenland's immigrants live in Nuuk which also accounts for a quarter of the country's native population