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Is there a greater value in having a dedicated article for a list of stablecoins?[edit]

As per edit by @Praxidicae redirecting this article to the main article stablecoins, it is suggested that no such list is needed and the ones deemed notable can be included on a shorter list within the main article stablecoins. However I would argue that, as there is a list of cryptocurrencies which happens to only include the USDT stablecoin, there is some merit to having a dedicated list of stablecoins that has the value of providing an overview. In regards to the notability of individual coins on that list I would say that perhaps only rUSD is too small of a stablecoin that it likely lacks independent coverage and would not be notable for wikipedia but the remaining ones on the list have their own merits making them notable, perhaps not beyond any reasonable doubt to those not that closely involved in cryptocurrencies, but this can be discussed. Treehorn 1991 (talk) 17:26, 19 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

List of Stablecoins[edit]

The following is a list of stablecoins.

Name Pegged to Pegging mechanism Native Blockchain Year founded Peg % status past year Remarks
USDP (Pax Dollar) US Dollar Ethereum 2018 99.07 Formerly known as PAX, by Paxos
HUSD Ethereum, HECO, TRON, Cube 2021 96.35
USDT (Tether) Asset backed Ethereum 2014 99.6 Owned and operated by iFinex, (Owner of Bitfinex)
USDC Asset backed Ethereum, Avalanche 2018 99.82
BUSD (BinanceUSD) Ethereum 2019 99.8 Operated by Binance in collaboration with PAXOS
TUSD (TrueUSD) Fiat-Backed Ethereum 2018 99.85 By TrustToken
GUSD (Gemini Dollar) Ethereum 2018 99.74 By Gemini
USTC (TerraClassicUSD) Algorithmic Terra 2020 1 Formerly known as UST (TerraUSD)
rUSD Binance Smart Chain 2022 87.33
USDN (Neutrino USD) Waves 2019 78.31 USDN has recovered to within 97% one dollar
DAI Ethereum 2017 98.78 MakerDAO
sUSD (Synthetix USD) Ethereum 2018 98.74
TRYB (BiLira) Turkish Lira Ethereum 2021 86
EURS (Stasis Euro) Euro Full-Reserve Ethereum 2018 97.91
TGBP (TrueGBP) British Pound Fiat-Backed Ethereum By TrustToken
TAUD (TrueAUD) Australian Dollar Fiat-Backed Ethereum By TrustToken
TCAD (TrueCAD) Canadian Dollar Fiat-Backed Ethereum By TrustToken
THKD (TrueHKD) Hong Kong Dollar Fiat-Backed Ethereum By TrustToken
PAXG (PAX Gold) Gold Physical gold backed Ethereum 2019 By Paxos
EURT (Tether EURt) Euro Ethereum 2021 99 Owned and operated by iFinex, (Owner of Bitfinex)

In light of a stagnant discussion I have moved the list here to promote and make discussion about its inclusion as an article, or incorporation into the main stablecoin article easier. Do you have any specific thoughts @Praxidicae?--Treehorn 1991 (talk) 19:07, 19 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

It isn't a stagnant discussion. I still stand by my statement, unless there are articles about individual stablecoins, we do not need a list of them when we only have 5 existing on this list and they can be more than adequately covered in the primary article. PRAXIDICAE🌈 19:09, 19 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Indeed so far 5 of these stablecoins have their own dedicated articles (or are linked to sections about them in a parent article). However this does not necessarily mean that a list that includes ones that do not have an article about them(yet) is unnecessary. Rather such a list could function as an organisational hub for further articles to be written as it shows which coins have and which coins do not have articles about them. As you are concerned about the notability of some individual coins on this list, as per your original statement, and think that it is better to exclude certain coins, then it would be helpful to hear your thoughts on those specific coins.
Should it be decided to incorporate this list into the main article, stablecoin, then an editor with higher permissions should take care of this as that article is semi-locked. The article, stablecoins has some glaring omissions and as can be seen from its talk page it seems that edit requests have not been looked at for a while. This could be problematic as we are talking about making potential edits to that article. Treehorn 1991 (talk) 19:30, 19 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]