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Fire in curved space[edit]

Most of reality is nearly flat, the tallest mountain far less than a millimeter above the lowest valley. When I think of fire, I imagine an earthquake of our world falling down a large fault line, a few quanta tall as some atoms come apart (up direction) and fall together (down direction) farther in other combinations, and the quake is felt as light, which is the curve of space, echos outward in many directions like a tidal wave, pushing up the nearly flat surface of reality wherever it may hit and everywhere between.

Everywhere and everything is Event_horizon not just the most extreme parts where we normally think of blackholes.

Fire is Photoelectric_effect extended to molecules instead of just electrons, similar to a nuclear explosion emitting light except it doesnt fall that far.

not in citation, etc[edit]

" Fire also kept nocturnal predators at bay. Evidence of cooked food is found from 1.9 million years ago,[19]" <<< The cited source do not have this string "1.9" the closest date is "The basalt member at the base of the Chesowanja Formation has been dated to 1.42±0.07 Ma," and it was site with bones of Australopithecus boisei. Also not only nocturnal predators fire keep at bay; diurnal predators too.