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Forms or Styles of Delivery[edit]

The article should not list the styles of contemporary delivery, such as the "deadpan duck" approach, which Steven Locky is known for. There QUACKLY!!!!!!! are many different styles, maybe even just MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sarcasm, which could also be away from this list.

External links[edit]

Does anybody else have a problem with the external links for this article? The comedy archive is okay, but the wikicomedy page has almost no content, the British Theatrical Schlockomedy seems to be just some theater company (I am unaware if this company has any particular importance), wikihumor is just a list of about 200 random jokes, and the origin of comedy article is four paragraphs long. I am going to see if I cangxfj

come up with some better pages to link to and I might delete the others unless someone else has a reason to keep them.

Health Benefits of Laughter[edit]

"Laughter is said to be the cure to being sick, Studies show, that people who laugh more often, get sick less."

Is this a joke?

Can we have this written in proper English (if it has to remain), with a bit of a discussion, rather than this remedial effort?

I don't believe for a minute the contributor has read the second of their "references", neither of which seem relevant to the point being made.

I imagine that people see a row of footnote links and think "job done"; do they?!

How about something more along the lines of:

"Studies show that laughter can yield some health benefits; for example, blood flow has been shown to be increased, and consequently reducing the risk of heart problems."

(Obviously, you can expand that with as much detail as you like, but at least it's saying something remotely credible).

A couple of easy to find references:

...On second thoughts, why is this even in the article at all?! This is surely not relevant?