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HeadquartersVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Area servedWorldwide
  • Mircea Paşoi
  • Cristian Strat
Current statusDiscontinued

Summify was a social news aggregator founded by Mircea Paşoi and Cristian Strat, two former Google and Microsoft interns from Romania.[1][2] The service emailed its users a periodic summary of news articles shared from their social networks based on relevance and importance.[3] The platform supported Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader accounts.[4] Advisors to Summify include Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite and Ethan Anderson, CEO of Redbeacon.[2]


Cristian Strat and Mircea Paşoi, founders of Summify

In 2009, Paşoi and Strat created ReadFu, a plugin that provided a contextual summary and statistics of the target page of a hyperlink.[5] In January 2010, ReadFu was accepted into the Vancouver-based start-up incubator Bootup Labs.[6] On March 20, 2010 the service was renamed as Summify and a private beta began.[7][8][9]

On August 11, 2010 Paşoi and Strat announced a new direction for the service. It would become a real-time social news reader that aggregates incoming news from social networks and displays articles by importance using social reactions.[10][11][12][13]

After some feedback that the users preferred article digests by email more than the real-time news reader version, Summify discontinued the news reader version.

Summify released a free app on the Apple App Store on July 8, 2011.[14][15] The app allows users to consume their web summaries from iOS mobile devices.

Summify was acquired by Twitter on January 19, 2012. The service shut down on June 22, 2012.[16]


In March 2011, Summify completed a seed round of funding from the following investors:[1][2][17][18][19]

  • Rob Glaser, Founder of RealNetworks and Co-founder of SocialEyes
  • Accel Partners, represented by Andrew Braccia
  • Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder of Tiny Speck and Flickr
  • Steve Olechowski, Co-Founder of FeedBurner
  • Boris Wertz, Founder of W Media Ventures, a Vancouver-based angel fund, and COO of AbeBooks
  • Michael Edwards, Co-founder of Sosido Networks
  • Brent Holliday, Head of Technology Practice at Capital West Partners
  • Jim Fletcher, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital


Summify has been well received by popular websites such as TechCrunch. It has also been featured in Time, The Globe and Mail, Mashable, VentureBeat, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and The Next Web.[12][20][21][22][23][24][25]


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