Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service

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Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
Operational area
Country Scotland
Agency overview
Established1975 (merger)
Dissolved1 April 2013
Chief Fire OfficerBrian P. Sweeney
Facilities and equipment
Official website

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue was, between 1975 and 2013, the statutory fire and rescue service for the area of Strathclyde, Scotland. It was the largest fire and rescue service in Scotland, and one of the largest in Europe.[1] Its territory ranged from the densely populated Glasgow to remote rural and island communities. It was amalgamated into the single Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in April 2013.[2]


Strathclyde Fire Brigade was formed in 1975 when control of fire services was passed from local authorities to the new Strathclyde Regional Council.[2] When Strathclyde Regional Council was abolished in 1996 the twelve new unitary authorities that replaced it agreed to keep the fire service as it was.[3]

In 2005, the name was changed to Strathclyde Fire & Rescue to reflect the change in the operations that the modern fire and rescue service undertook. That year a book called Everyday Heroes was launched detailing the work of Strathclyde Fire & Rescue over the past 30 years.[4]

Amalgamation in 2013[edit]

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue, along with the other seven fire and rescue services across Scotland, was amalgamated into a single, new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on 1 April 2013.[2] This replaced the previous system of eight regional fire and rescue services across Scotland which had existed since 1975.[4] The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has its headquarters in Perth.[5] [6]


Strathclyde Fire & Rescue had over 200 Appliances which includes Rescue Pumps, Aerial Rescue Pumps (ARP), Heavy Rescue Vehicle, Technical Support Unit, Major Incident Units and Water Rescue Units. Also the Volunteer Stations had Volunteer Support Units.[7]


The service operated 111 fire stations.[8]

Area Population Full-time station Retained station Volunteer Stations
Argyll & Bute 92,000 2 13 27
East & West Dunbartonshire 209,000 5 1 0
Renfrewshire & Inverclyde 258,000 5 1 0
North East Glasgow 203,000 4 0 0
North West Glasgow 200,000 4 0 0
South Glasgow 217,000 4 0 0
North Lanarkshire 324,000 4 3 0
North & South Ayrshire 254,000 4 12 3
East Ayrshire & East Renfrewshire 351,000 3 7 0
South Lanarkshire 301,000 4 7 1

Regional Fire and Rescue Services in Scotland 1975-2013[edit]

The following eight regional fire and rescue services (originally known as fire brigades) were merged on 1 April 2013, creating the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service:

The same boundaries were also used for the eight territorial police forces, which were amalgamated into Police Scotland on 1 April 2013.[6]


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