Steubenville Female Seminary

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Steubenville Female Seminary
Former names
Beatty's Seminary for Young Ladies[1]
Steubenville Seminary[1]
TypeFemale seminary
Location, ,
Engraving of the Steubenville Female Seminary

Steubenville Female Seminary, also known as Beatty's Seminary for Young Ladies or Steubenville Seminary,[1] was a female seminary in Steubenville, Ohio. It was founded by Presbyterian minister Charles Clinton Beatty in 1829.[2] Beatty served as Superintendent and his wife, Hetty Elizabeth Beatty, served as principal.[3] The school had 7 students during the first year.[3] The campus was located on South High Street between Adams and South Streets[4] with a view of the surrounding hills.[3]

In 1856, control went to Dr. and Mrs. A.M. Reid.[3] In 1863, they were succeeded by Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Wightman.[3] At its peak, the school educated 150 students at a time.[3] The faculty was usually between 10 and 12 teachers.[3] Many of the students became missionaries.[3] It closed in 1898.[2] Over the life of the institution, the school educated 5,000 women.[2]

Following its closing the buildings were used for a variety of purposes, including apartments. They were demolished in 1953 to make way for the High Street Thoroughfare, today known as State Route 7.[4]

Notable alumni[edit]


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40°21′24″N 80°36′49″W / 40.35667°N 80.61361°W / 40.35667; -80.61361