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Esperanza or Esperanza Association is a proposed association of wikipedians dedicated to strengthening wikipedia's sense of community through establishing a support network for wikipedians in an environment that is often hostile and apathetic. Esperanza takes its name from the Spanish word for hope. We have taken this name the in spirit of offering hope to wikipedians who feel isolated and ignored. Spanish is used in the hope thata segment of the wikipedia community will never again feel so isolated that it breaks away from the community as did a portion of the Spanish wikipedia community did to form Enciclopedia Libre.


I almost left wikipedia a few days ago, I change my mind and reduced edits to admin and mediator tasks. If the issue of the failures of the wikipedia community in recognizing, encouraging, and keeping good editors can be addressed. This is one way that I think we can. If the following project and subsequent discussion are fruitful I'll consider expanding my edits to include mainspace contributions again.


To foster the community spirit I'm asking that first eight people who participate upload a green (which keeping with them theme, signifies hope in several Hispanic societies) letter made from a larger picture to create a mosaic Esperanza logo; composed of the word Esperanza with each letter offered by a different member of the community- signifying the value of coming together to create. The font and capitalization are left to your discretion the only requirement is that it is or is dominated by a shade of green, Please keep letter size under an inch and over a centimeter. Since I have made the request to form this organization- I will offer the first two letters-to help get started. Please post uploaded letters on my talk page and I'll add them in. When this exercise is complete we will begin discussing a charter. Thanks. - JCarriker 12:28, August 12, 2005 (UTC)

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