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2 March 2022

1 March 2022

24 February 2022

22 February 2022

  • 17:3917:39, 22 February 2022 diff hist +8,414 N User:Kkl0428/Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3Created page with '{{Expand language|zh|date=September 2021}}{{short description|Foldable Android smartphone by Samsung}} {{Infobox mobile phone|name=Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3|size={{ubl|'''Unfolded''' |{{convert|166|mm|in|abbr=on}} H<br/> |{{convert|72.2|mm|in|abbr=on}} W<br/> |{{convert|6.9|mm|in|abbr=on}} D}} {{ubl|'''Folded''' |{{convert|86.4|mm|in|abbr=on}} H<br/> |{{convert|72.2|mm|in|abbr=on}} W<br/> |{{convert|15.9-17.1|mm|in|abbr=on}} D}}|logosize=<!-- include "px" - U...' Tag: Visual edit

17 February 2022

14 February 2022

  • 22:3022:30, 14 February 2022 diff hist +1,080 N User:Kkl0428/Choose an ArticleCreated page with '== Article Selection == Please list articles that you're considering for your Wikipedia assignment below. Begin to critique these articles and find relevant sources. === Option 1 === ; Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 : ; I use this phone and not many people use it. I feel like I have more knowledge on it more than many other people. This article has a "start" classification, which means it doesn't have much information written. The article provides very basic st...' current Tag: Visual edit

9 February 2022