Sony Dash

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Sony Dash
Sony Dash CES Cropped.jpg
ManufacturerSony Electronics
Introductory price$199 [1]
Operating systemModified Chumby software
StorageNo user accessible memory
DisplayWVGA resolution (800x480) 7.0" (measured diagonally)
InputMicrophone, accelerometer,
digital ambient light sensor
USB 2.0 (Mass Storage Class)
TouchpadProjected capacitive single-touch touchscreen[2]
ConnectivityWi-Fi : 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz WPA, WPA2, WEP(Open only) encryption WiFi certified
PowerAC 120 V, 0.6 A,60 Hz,
battery only functions as clock backup
DimensionsApprox. 7-7/16 x 5-5/8 x 2-3/8" (WHD)
MassApprox. 1.2 lbs (.54 kg)
RelatedWalkman X Series
Sony Reader

The Dash was a device manufactured by Sony that connected using Wi-Fi to the Internet. It had a touch screen which the user could use to browse information or listen to music. It was not a portable device since it did not have an internal battery. It was positioned as a personal internet viewer which could act as an alarm clock, Internet radio, digital photo frame and many other uses. It had applications which were downloaded onto the device. These were the same as those supported by the Chumby device.


Sony announced the Dash at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.[3] It was made available for sale in late April 2010.[4] Originally the device was only usable in the United States, with users in other countries being locked out with the message "Error: Missing XAPI Service Mode". On June 25, Sony released a software upgrade allowing Dash to be used in other (if not all) countries, however subsequently restricted international service again in November 2011. The device does not have international power settings, and can only be powered by mains electricity of 120 volts, at 60 Hz.[5]

Sony introduced two updated versions of the Dash hardware in September 2011. The HID-B7[6] and HID-B70[7] refreshed the hardware, with the HID-B70 adding a battery backup.[8] This revision of the Dash device removed Netflix and YouTube streaming support.

On March 14, 2015 the Sony Dash stopped supporting all streaming content, including Netflix, Pandora, Slacker, and YouTube, although the device continued to authenticate with Sony and act as an alarm clock.[9] While there has been no public response from the company, such service returned on April 24, 2015.[10]

As of March 2016, Sony continued to provide limited support for the Dash, such as promised fixes for a leap year issue[11] and a firmware update to address a problem with the control panel.[12]

In April 2017, Sony announced that it "will no longer support dash devices and functionality will terminate" as of July 2017.[13] has initiated a program to try and offer continued support after Sony discontinued service.[14] released their Dash patch on August 6, 2017 to allow Dashes to connect with the Chumby servers.[15]


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