Socialist October

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Socialist October
Octubre Socialista
LeaderAlfonso Fernández Malo
Founded1986 (1986)
IdeologyDemocratic socialism

Octubre Socialista (Spanish: Octubre Socialista) was a left-wing political party active in the province of Jaén, Spain.


It was formed in 1986 by Alberto Fernández Malo, who broke away from the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE).[1] Fernández had previous been a member of the Socialist Left, a leftist tendency inside PSOE.[2] The party took part in founding the United Left (IU) in 1986.

In the 1993 parliamentary election Octubre Socialista got 540 votes (0.14% of the votes in the province).[3] In the municipality of Torreperogil it obtained 211 votes (4.07%). In the city of Jaén, it obtained 125 votes (0.2%).


1991 municipal election[edit]

Municipality Votes % Seats
Jaén 237 0.5% 0
Torreperogil 481 10.71% 1

1995 municipal election[edit]

Municipality Votes % Seats
Jaén 216 0.37% 0
Torreperogil 929 18.89% 2