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Slammers Bar & Pizza Kitchen
Slammers Bar & Pizza Kitchen Mural.jpg
AddressColumbus, Ohio
Coordinates39°57′57″N 82°59′44.4″W / 39.96583°N 82.995667°W / 39.96583; -82.995667Coordinates: 39°57′57″N 82°59′44.4″W / 39.96583°N 82.995667°W / 39.96583; -82.995667
TypeLesbian bar

Slammers Bar & Pizza Kitchen is a lesbian bar in Columbus, Ohio. Opened in 1993, it is Ohio's oldest gay bar and is still run by its original owner Marcia Riley.[1][2] As of 2021, it is one of approximately twenty remaining in the country and the only one in Ohio. It was supported by the Lesbian Bar Project to help it survive the COVID-19 pandemic.[3][4]

As has been the case with lesbian bars across the country, Slammers has needed to evolve to adapt to the changing LGBTQ+ nightlife scene.[2][5] While it began as a women's bar, early on it drew a business lunch crowd.[6]


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